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Running is fantastic exercise.  It's fun. It's a great way to bond with you dog.  It's a great way to lose weight -- and let's face it, there are countless medical journals that show that both humans and dogs are more obese and out of shape than ever.  

Taking your dog for a run is fantastic fun, and fantastic exercise... For you AND your dog.

Your dog loves to run! Your dog loves you! However.... What most people find when they put their dog on a leash and try to run a 5K is that the dog trips you, runs ahead of you, falls behind you, or just gets confused and doesn't want to run.

It's not that your dog doesn't know how to run, or doesn't want to run.  He doesn't know how to run long distances with you. 

There are also many mistakes that you can make when running with your dog which will injure both you and your dog...

So many people have given up on running with their dogs, which is a shame, because with just a bit of knowledge, you and your dog can have a blast, and help each other get (and stay) in great shape.

My name is Jt Clough, and I'm here to solve the running problems for you and your furry friend.

I've been training dogs since I was 6 years old (I'm older than 40 now... by at least a decade), and in 2000 I even started a dog training business. That business grew so fast that other dog trainers were coming to me for advice. 

But trust me, there are many out of shape dog trainers out there... I'm not just a dog trainer, I'm also a lifelong runner.  I've completed 9 Ironman Triathlons, and literally hundreds of 5K and 10K races.  

It's safe to say that I have a lifetime of knowledge in both dogs and running. I run with my dogs all the time, not just at races. 

Everyone who saw how much fun me and my dogs were having wanted to know how (many have tried it on their own prior to talking to me, and it ended very badly) I do it.  My training rate is $2,000 for 10 days, and I was being booked solid. 

The reason I train dogs is so that the dogs and their humans have better lives (less stress, closer relationship, you can take your well behaved dog more places).  That's my purpose on this world, and I want to help the most people and dogs be happy.  So I wrote this book - The 5K Training Guide- Running With Dogs.

It's great for anyone that is a runner, or would like to take up running... With their loyal Canine Companion.  

Instead of $2,000, you only pay $7.97, and you get a lifetime of expertise. 

The biggest complaints that people have (and that this book will solve) are distractions (cats, other dogs, mailmen, loud noises) that cause the dog to freak out, or trip them... Also Leash-Pulling (where your dog runs ahead and yanks you behind, often tripping you).

Aside from that you will learn the top mistakes to avoid so you and your dogs don't get injured.  You'll learn how to communicate with your dog using signals.  You'll learn how to prep for a real race (good thing that you'll already know how to avoid distractions, eh?).

So whether you're an experienced runner that wants to share their favorite past time with their best friend.... Or whether you want to get off the couch, and get in shape with the best running partner ever.... This is the book for you.

Click below, and get running today!
Shaina T. & Zoe
San Clemente, CA
"Spending time with my dog makes me happy. I tried running with him, and it brought me joy... but he kept trying to run off. I tried a few different kinds of training with my dog: Classes and private lessons. 

Once we started running with the 5K Training Guide, I ended up actually “getting” how to train him without even thinking about it. Not to mention, JT answered all of my questions through e-mail, even better than the private trainer I hired.

 Thank you JT for encouraging me to get back in shape, my dog is now so easy to take with me anywhere, and our love hate relationship is just one of love now."
Jt Clough,
Founder of Training Tools For Dogs 
"As a 9 time Ironman finisher AND 'The Dog Trainer To The Stars' I was always being asked how my dogs are so well behaved when they run with me. After a hundred times, I realized I had to create this book."
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